David Cunningham
David Cunningham

Exhibition opens at the Indianapolis International Airport

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 I have found a deep spiritual connection that is primitive, ancient and mystical.  “Meditation is a continuation of a series of oil paintings I have been working on for the last 10 years. In the stones I am fascinated by the beautiful color relationships and the amazing juxtaposition of shapes and textures.

I have always seen painting as a form of meditation, each stroke of my brush is a breath, each mark is a record of a moment in time.  It is a way for me to better understand myself and the world around me.. Through the now thousands of hours staring at stones, I relate to their scars and “imperfections.” Each rock has its personal story that is much older than my own. This fascinates me. I believe it is a story worth being heard, so I spend the time to listen and tell it. I take the stories out of their environment where they remain hidden in the everyday, and place them on the wall for the world to see.”
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If you happen to be able to see the work in person, PLEASE TAKE A SELFIE WITH IT and let me know what you think. A few of you have already done this and I LOVE IT!!! Post to social media (instagram, FB, or Twitter)Tag it #Meditationattheairport and I will select one winner at the closing of the show for a free print of one of the paintings!!


Whether it is a few pieces as a backdrop for a business luncheon or a full exhibition, I would love to talk with you about the possibilities.  Buy it, Rent it, Borrow it.  It doesn’t matter.  THE WORK LOVES TO BE SEEN!.  Send me an email and lets talk.


Oh I know you do.  Invest in a family heirloom that will bring joy to your family for generations for less than the cost of a new tv (that will last 10 years if you are lucky).  Don’t see any work that speaks to you from my inventory of available work?  Let’s collaborate!  Unlike many artists, I love to work with clients to make something that fits your decor, style, and budget! Send me an email and lets talk.