David Cunningham
David Cunningham


Recommended Galleries

  • John Pence Gallery (San Francisco) Now in its 29th year in downtown San Francisco, John Pence is one of the premier academic realist galleries in the U.S.
  • Gross McCleaf (Phillidelphia) Gross McCleaf Gallery represents local and national artists with a focus on Contemporary Art. The gallery has been active in the Philadelphia arts community for over forty years, advising collectors and placing artists’ work in museums thr

Friends & Favorites

  • Steven Daluz Steven's work is both figurative and abstract. In both cases he reveals and hides information simultaneously, suggesting the interior world as much as outward appearance. Without clichĂ© his work reveals the spirit behind the outward facade.
  • Stephen Cefalo A friend of mine from graduate school who does amazing work.
  • Sadie Valeri Sadie J. Valeri is an internationally recognized still life oil painter. It was a priviledge to meet her at TRAC conference this year.
  • Miseducated Designer, heart stylist and marketing agency with a whimsical lifestyle blog.
  • Greg Gandy Beautiful and unique still life painitngs. I have never met him but loved seeing his work in San Francisco at John Pence this fall.
  • Ben Schwab A website that contains the paintings and drawings of Ben Schwab. A great painter and a close personal friend.
  • Anthony Waichulis Website of renowned representational artist Anthony Waichulis. His still lifes are some of the most imaginative and technically proficient ever crafted.

Art Information

  • Tim Lowly's Links One of the greatest Links pages for everything art realted including a huge listing of Contemporary Representational Artist.
  • NYFA A good information source for artists about marketing and goal setting.
  • Indiana Arts Commission A great resource offering grants anually to artists living in Indiana.
  • Artist Help Network Welcome to the Artist Help Network, a free information service designed to help artists take control of their careers. The network assists artists in locating information, resources, guidance, and advice on a comprehensive range of career-related topics.
  • Art Deadlines The best 20 bucks an artist can spend a year. This site gives you access to huge amounts of info about grants, shows, job openings, fellowships, and residencies.

Artist Registries

  • Voodoo Chilli An art and artist directory that is free and has lots of interesting stuff on it.
  • Sane Society An artist registry that includes writers and other types of artists. This site has a small yearly fee, but is free to browse.
  • Painter Gallery A registry of painters including yours truly.
  • Nurture Art Is a federally tax-exempt, all-volunteer charitable arts-services organization dedicated to helping promising career-track emerging curators and visual artists creating fine art in all styles and media to support themselves exclusively from their fine art
  • Just Art-e An artist directory for realist artists
  • Artists Space The Irving Sandler Artists File is a digitized image database and slide registry that is open to the public free-of-charge, and it is one of the largest and most comprehensive artist registries in the country. The Artists File is not curated and there is
  • Art Net A huge artist registry that features over a ton of artists and galleries. A good source for looking at a lot of good art.

Art Supplies

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