David Cunningham
David Cunningham


David Cunningham’s compelling realistic paintings have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums throughout the United States. His paintings are known for communicating a traditional mastery of illusion and the magic of what would ordinarily be overlooked.

Born in Carmel, California, raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee and currently residing in Indianapolis, Indiana, David Cunningham travels often to find new inspiration for his work. His paintings are rendered exclusively in oil using the oldest traditional archival method and are known for finding beauty and serenity in the mundane.

“With my work I am communicating a deep spiritual connection with something in all of us that is very primitive and old. I have always seen painting as a form of meditation and of understanding the world around me, thus understanding myself better.”

One is likely to find much realism in today’s art world lacking soul to focus solely on technical mastery. In Cunningham’s work however you will find an abundance spirit and intimacy he communicates with the viewer with every stroke of his paint brush. His process of painting is meditative, each and every work is a product of his spirit and soul communicated in contemporary realism. In Cunningham’s work he is trying to see and communicate God and spirit in the world we share. Sacred moments and places are captured with intricate detail and the delicacy of the spirit. Each finished painting represents a period of time in Cunningham’s life and is a way of documenting a period of time and spiritual growth, not simply for the production of a product. He attempts to find beautiful connections between things he has attachment to, is inspired by, and finds magical in some way.

Cunningham’s paintings have been shown in Ruschman Art Gallery, Edington Gallery, IU Museum, Swope Museum and Luxe Magazine. His work is found in both public and corporate collections including: St Meinrad Monastery, The University of Evansville, Fifth Third Bank and Vectren Corporation.

David Cunningham is the recipient of numerous awards and honors. Recently, he received best of show in Fort Wayne Museum of Art’s Contemporary Realism Biennial and in the Swope Museum’s Wabash Valley exhibit. In addition to painting, David is a professor of art at Franklin College where he teaches Painting, Design, Ceramics and Issues in Contemporary Art to further support the fundamental understanding of art and design.

Each painting is a record of time and touch connected to David Cunningham versus the mass of machine made work that is so plentiful and emotionally distant. He gives us the opportunity to see and feel reality as it comes through him and onto the canvas. When buying a painting by David Cunningham you are also creating a relationship with him as an artist and human being. In our world we crave connection with other humans versus machines, real touch and connection with another person. “Modern work environments need to be places of inspiration”, says one collector of David’s work. “We purchased work by David Cunningham because his paintings bring a strong sense of beauty and serenity to their environments, and that’s not something we see every day.”

You can see his work online at https://davidhcunningham.com or call (213) 935-0209 for additional information.


CONTACT: Amber Renée Cunningham – (213) 935-0209